12120037663A Platinum-Nickel Spark Plug

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ipl cricket 2019 hd live stream app download-12120037663A Platinum Spark Plug Specification Cross Reference 12120037663A LZFR6AP11G 95712 0242236653 FR7SII332U A-line40 12120037663 14FR-7SPUX03 Z235 12120037663 PKH20TT

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ipl cricket 2019 hd live stream app download-12120037663A Platinum Spark Plug


Thread Size  ▽ M14*1.25

Reach    26.5 mm 

Hex Size    16 mm

Resistor   Yes

Center Electrode Material   Platinum

Ground Electrode Material    Nickel

Cross Reference 

LZFR6AP11G   95712   12120037663A  0242236653     FR7SII332U   A-line40   12120037663  14FR-7SPUX03   Z235   12120037663  PKH20TT

What causes a spark plug to go bad?

Carbon Buildup: Just like oil can cause a spark plug to go bad, so can carbon buildup. ... A cracked distributor case, dirty fuel injectors, improper fuel/air mixture, clogged air filter element, to name a few can cause carbon to build up on spark plugs and quickly cause problems.

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