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Yellow Card in Volleyball? [6 Things You Didn’t Know About ...

In volleyball, a yellow card is NOT a sanction. It is actually Stage 2 in the official warning system--once a yellow card has been shown, your team has now approached what is called the ‘Sanctioning Level’.

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YELLOW CARD. May 10, 2016. by adminvolley. 0 Comment. a warning from an official indicated by the display of a yellow card. Any player or coach who receives two yellow cards in a match is disqualified. A single yellow card does not result in loss of point or serve.

What Happens When You Get a Yellow or Red Card in Volleyball ...

What does a yellow card mean in volleyball? A yellow card in volleyball means that it’s the last warning for a player. It can be a consequence of some unsportsmanlike conduct like aggression, discussions with the referee or with the opponents, or slowing down the game. What does a red card mean in volleyball? A red card in volleyball means losing a service and one point for the opposing team.

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As mentioned above a yellow card indicates a warning however it is often the second phase of the sanctioning process in Volleyball. Usually if something is going on during the match that the officials don’t like, the team captains will be called over to the referee stand and informed of the issue they feel is occuring.

Volleyball Rules Interpretations - 2021-22

If the roster is not submitted, an unnecessary delay (administrative yellow card) is assessed to the coach. The head coach has until two minutes remain in the pre-match warm-up to submit a lineup. If the lineup has not been submitted by the two-minute mark and again by the end of the timed pre-match warm-up, subsequent unnecessary delay penalties result.

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12-2-6: Establishes that a yellow card issued for unsporting conduct to the head coach, assistant coach (es) or team bench will no longer require the head coach to remain seated, while maintaining that a red unsporting conduct card will require the head coach to remain seated for the remainder of the match.

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Yellow card: This depends again on the league rules. According to international rules, yellow card results a loss of rally, or a sideout and loss of rally. Two yellow cards results the player has to leave the playing area and stay in the penalty area for remainder of the set.

Rules for Playing Volleyball, USAV Rules vs. High School

unnecessary delay team sanctions USAV delay warning - no card displayed - one hand held against opposite wrist. delay penalty - yellow card held against opposite wrist. NFHS High School rules for playing volleyball say a time out is charged for unnecessary delay. If team has used both timeouts, a loss of rally results